Zyppah Review: Controversial Snore Device & Commercial?

The Zyppah commercial has caused a splash of controversy.

Some said it is creative and funny.

Some said it is “the most annoying of all time”.
Zyppah Radio Commercial Jimmy
But here’s the bottom line:

Does Zyppah snore device really work?

We comprehensively review through Zyppah snoring device by covering how does Zyppah work as an anti-snoring solution, its pro and con, Zyppah cost, user reviews on Zyppah complaints and does it really work, comparison of Zyppah vs other snoring aids, the recommendations, etc.

This one-stop Zyppah review will save your time in research effort, while provide full overview that helps you make educated decision to address your snoring problem.

Zyppah Snore Device Overview

Zyppah is a FDA-cleared snore device invented by dentist Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, the founder of BBB-accredited ZYPPAH Inc which is affiliated with five Snore No More treatment centers located in Los Angeles area that specialize in snoring and sleep apnea.

Dr. Jonathan named this hybrid oral appliance as “Zyppah” (pronounced Zee-Pah), a name represents “Happy Z (sleeping)” which is spelled backwards for distinction.
Zyppah Review Product Image
Manufactured in the USA with environmentally friendly and non-toxic BPA-free materials, Zyppah anti snoring device combines both jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization technologies that distinguish Zyppah from the other snoring mouthpiece in the market.

If you have snoring problem because of a relaxed tongue, or if you have tried other snoring mouthpiece but did not get the desired results – then this Zyppah device could be a great help.

How Does Zyppah Work As Snoring Cure

Snoring happens when the flow or air from the mouth or nose to your lungs make the soft tissues vibrating in your airway.

When you sleep, the muscles relax and allow your tongue collapses toward your throat. This can block or narrow the passage, disturb the airflow, then cause the soft palate (the back of the roof of mouth) and uvula to vibrate and create the snoring sound.

Zyppah anti snoring device combines a lower jawbone advancement device with a tongue stabilizing band, and works as your snoring aid in two ways:

1. Advances Your Lower Jaw To Open The Airway

Firstly, Zyppah opens up the airways by positioning and holding the lower jaw in a forward position. This helps to reduce the risk of airway experiencing obstruction, while tighten the loose tissue around the neck and jaw that can begin to vibrate when you fall asleep and cause audible snoring.

2. Stabilizes The Tongue To Open The Airway

Secondly, Zyppah has an elastic band placed towards the back of the appliance that gently holds your tongue in place, and opens the airway by preventing the tongue from falling back into throat during your sleep – even with the involuntary body movements.

When the tissues are not permitted to touch, they don’t vibrate, and you are instantly preventing snoring that ruins your partner’s quality of sleep.


In short, Zyppah mouthguard offers unique double-action snoring solutions, with the combination of keeping your jaw forward and gently holding your tongue in place. There is an airflow hole located at the front of this snore device that allows you to breathe freely with ease.

Watch this 3-parts video that shows how the Zyppah hybrid anti-snoring oral appliance work by illustrating the normal breathing, person snoring, and breathing with Zyppah.


Zyppah Fitting With Boil and Bite Technology

As every individual’s mouth and teeth patterns are different, the Zyppah device uses Boil and Bite technology on soft and moldable plastic material to create fitting piece that helps tailor fit the device for each distinctive user like yourself.

This boiling method is commonly used amongst mandibular advancement devices, and is similar to the way they’d fit you at the dentist’s office.
Custom fitting your Zyppah mouthpiece is simple, with below directions:

Step 1: Soak the device in hot water for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Once softened, remove the device and cool it for a few seconds.

Step 3: Insert Zyppah into your mouth, bite down and hold to mold an impression. When the material cools off, it retains its shape.
Just in case you don’t get the first fitting just right, the Zyppah material is flexible enough to re-heat and fit 3 times if need be.

Check out this video by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, who demonstrates the step by step guide on how to fit Zyppah snoring device into your mouth per instructions.

However, upon comparing Zyppah hybrid oral appliance to other similar devices, there is one significant difference that you must take note:

Zyppah has a very specific fitting process to follow, due to its different tray design.

Most similar anti snoring devices are made with a recessed tray that has walls to help guide the teeth into the right position as fitting, but the Zyppah doesn’t have this.

Without the guiding trays, you’d need to use a mirror to ensure that your lower and upper teeth are placed in the correct position before you bite down the Zyppah to mold an impression. So be sure to read through the detailed Zyppah fitting instructions to ensure that the initial fitting is completed correctly.


Cleaning of Zyppah

As the Zyppah is worn in mouth throughout the night, it is important to maintain a clean, germ-free environment for this Zyppah dental appliance.

Cleaning the Zyppah snore guard is easy, with below are the recommended methods:

Option 1: Brush the snore device with toothbrush and toothpaste.

Option 2: Soak the mouth guard in mouth rinse or mouth wash.

Option 3: Clean with denture tablets or special cleaner from Zyppah called SNAP.


Things To Take Note Before Using Zyppah

Zyppah does not recommend the usage of Zyppah with full dentures, but one or two missing teeth are OK.

Additionally, while Zyppah is a solution to stop snoring, it does not necessarily treat Sleep Apnea. As with using any oral snoring aids, doctor consultation is important to determine whether you are simply a snorer or you actually suffer other sleep disorder issue like obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea.


Zyppah Cost and Where To Buy

Zyppah Snore Device ReviewThis snoring solution is not available in stores, but can be purchased via Zyppah official website to ensure genuine product comes with a 90-day warranty, alongside a specially fit protective case for convenient storage and privacy.

In addition to the original green, Zyppah is also available in pink and military colors.

Zyppah Review: What People Like About Zyppah

list-style-green-tick-checkZyppah sets itself apart from the other snoring mouthpieces with a double-action hybrid design, that holds the jaw forward and stabilizes the tongue to open the airway and stop snoring. Many people, including those experienced unsatisfactory results with other mouthpieces in the past, found Zyppah Rx with unique tongue stabilization works for them.
list-style-green-tick-checkMade in the USA with BPA-free material and FDA-cleared, Zyppah snore device designed by dentist is safe to use. Moreover, Zyppah Inc that is affiliated with Snore No More treatment centers can also offer extended consultation by medical professional for diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea if necessary.
list-style-green-tick-checkIts sporty design with green and black color scheme looks great for most users.
list-style-green-tick-checkThe boil and bite concept provides personalised fit to each user. The Zyppah material is flexible enough to re-heat and fit 3 times if required, to help user gets the first fitting just right.
list-style-green-tick-checkSome users feedback that some other snoring mouth guard models might leave with plastic taste in mouth, but they did not find that kind of sensation with this device.


Zyppah Complaints and Side Effects

list-style-red-tick-cross There are users who feedback that Zyppah’s elastic rubber band that holds the tongue in place was somewhat unnatural and uncomfortable, with the tongue strap felt strange while might potentially trigger some gag reflexes. This tongue movement issue may go away within several days as user get used to this new mouthpiece.
list-style-red-tick-crossZyppah has specific fitting process which is different from other snoring mouthpieces’ normal fitting process that you may have grown accustomed to. As it has no trays to help guide your teeth into place, Zyppah’s fitting is relatively more cumbersome by recommending the use of a mirror to help with the fitting.
Info-I-Logo-300x300Some people may have trouble sleeping with something in the mouth, and/or have trouble staying on with it as snoring mouthpiece (like Zyppah) may fall out – until you stick with it long enough to get used to it. This can cause broken sleep that you might feel trading one problem for another.
Info-I-Logo-300x300There are complaints from some Zyppah users who experienced mild to moderate jaw soreness and drooling for the first few days. These side effects are common across new mouthpieces users for almost any mouthguard for snoring as the device beds in while you get used to it, but the soreness will soon diminish after several days of use.
Info-I-Logo-300x300Zyppah cannot be used by people with dentures, capped teeth , loose teeth, crowns, or bridge work. This is because Zyppah must fit snugly between teeth to hold the mouth closed and stabalize the tongue in place to keep it out of the throat. So it is essential that teeth issues do not prevent Zyppah device from staying firmly in place when asleep. If you wear dentures you will want to check out the Good Morning Snore Solution.

The Zyppah Commercial Controversy

The Zyppah radio and TV commercial has caused a splash of controversy, such as the tweet citing Zyppah snoring commercial on XM/Sirius is the “most annoying of all time”.
Just in case you are curious about this Zyppah commercial by “Jimmy”, here is the ad:

Putting aside the commercial controversy, let’s look at the bottomline:

User Reviews: Does Zyppah Really Work To Stop Snoring

The reason why Zyppah for snoring gets a lot of attention is because it combines 2 methods of jawbone advancement and the tongue stabilizing technology, that secures the tongue and prevent it from relaxing and falling back to block your airways during sleep.

But does it really work?

Below are some forum feedback and real customer reviews on Zyppah. While most user testimonials indicating Zyppah does help to stop their storing, there are also experience that Zyppah caused mild jaw soreness and drooling for the first few days – which are common across new mouthpieces users.


Feedback #1 by James C.:

“It took a few nights to get used to this mouthguard but now i find it difficult to sleep without it. I was skeptical but this thing has stopped my snoring. For the first time in 25 years my wife and I are BOTH sleeping soundly in the same bed. Zyppah has changed my life for the better. As an added benefit, I no longer grind my teeth at night so no headache in the mornings.”

Feedback #2 by Sounder A.:

“Setup and fitting is pretty easy, but take your time because it is the most important part that it fits right so it is easier to get used to and wear. I wore the mouth piece a couple of hours before going to bed for a couple of nights but even still there was a lot of saliva to deal with. Wearing the device all night also made my jaw a little sore and I’m slightly concerned it may affect my bite.

That being said it does stop my snoring. I will continue to use it and get used to it as over time I believe it will be more comfortable. The rubber tongue stopper is effective at keeping your tongue out of the way and the jaw alignment also is very effective. Bottom line: It works well to stop snoring if you can get past the extra saliva and the jaw stiffness.“

Feedback #3 by Ann F.:

“Received my Zyppah, prepared it as directed. 1st night was a little restless as was not used to this appliance. A lot of saliva issues but less snoring was noted by my husband. 2nd night a lot better, less saliva or was able to deal with it better. snoring less. 3rd/4th nights, a lot better, restful sleep.

The appliance is good and does work once you get used to the appliance, the strap hold your tongue from falling back and the placement of the tongue to the front of appliance. Also the slight placement of bottom teeth forward.

Overall, this is a great product which does open the airway to reduce the effect of snoring. I have used a spacer before, so was used to having something in my mouth at night, and the excess saliva was not a real issue. Would definitely recommend this product!”


Zyppah Review Summary: The Verdict and Recommendations

Made in the USA, Zyppah snore device combines jaw adjustment and tongue stabilization technologies that distinguish Zyppah from the other snoring mouthpiece in the market.

Zyppah’s hybrid solution offers a comprehensive double-actions approach to open your airway, and effectively stop the snoring with proven customer testimonials.
However, if you:

  • have dentures, loose teeth, bridgework or veneers, or
  • want to avoid jaw soreness and drooling, or
  • have problems sleeping with mouthpiece in the mouth

— then our recommendation to you is check out the Good Morning Snore Solution as alternative, then make an educated decision from there to solve your snoring problem.
Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece Review Amazon eBayCleared by the US FDA and Health Canada, Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) mouthpiece works by a simple tongue displacement technology that holds the tongue gently forward, clears the blocked airways, and stop the snoring.

GMSS has “one size fit all” design design that does not require any setup, boiling, and molding process to make it fit.

While GMSS is suitable for snorer with full dentures, clinical study show GMSS significantly improved and gave better results across 3 standard industry measures of snoring.
>> Check out comprehensive Good Morning Snore Solution reviews to learn more